Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your workshops really suitable for a complete beginner?

A. Yes - absolutely! I always structure my workshops and classes so that they are suitable for complete beginners and experienced flower arrangers alike - I'm always on hand to help out new starters, some of my best students started as complete beginners.

Q. Isn't a Garden Studio just a shed?

A. No - not at all! It's a purpose designed building fully insulated and double glazed, it makes an ideal classroom.

Q. Are there toilet facilities at your workshops?

A. Yes- of course! We have a dedicated floral academy WC in the utility room of the house.

Q. Do I need to pre-soak my Oasis (Floral Foam) at home?

A. No - we have a large sink in the utility room of the house which we use for soaking Oasis etc.

Q. Is there any paperwork or exams to sit?

A. No - not at all! the floral academy is about learning in a fun friendly environment

Q. I'm worried about coming on my own if the others all know each other?

A. Don't worry - we are a very friendly bunch, new people start on my courses all the time and it's a great way to make new friends - you will always be made to feel welcome!